Forest Stewardship Council

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Daniel Lévesque
General Manager

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Operate the Debarker from a console to remove the barks on logs. Automatic stacker operator Oversee the operation of the automatic stacker and ensure the maintenance
Twin saw operator Operate twin saw to product 31/2"et 51/2" boards according to the size of logs. Incising machine operator Operate the incising machine.
Log carriage operator Operate the log carriage to the saw. Foreman Manage the operation and the repair of the sawmill.
Trimmer operator Trim (resaw) logs to obtain two pieces of equal length. Machinery mechanic Perform repairs to plant equipment.
Edger operator Operate the edger to remove the fake wood and produce boards of different thickness. Loader operator Operate the loader to place the production in the courtyard and load truck with lumber or residues.
Grader Sort the boards by quality standards. Log loader operator Supply the sawmill in logs and oversee to the proper unloading of wooden deliveries.
Stacker operator Stack boards in a plan to make the requested package. Saw filer Lime saws factory, sharpen knives, make the tensioning of saws and change the teeth.

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